I Saw a Tiger

Uncover the insane true story behind the Tiger King’s cameraman.

Alex is the newest recruit for the infamous Tiger King – but as he’ll soon find out, life behind the scenes is no easy task. Roped into rebuilding the egotistical zookeeper’s live reality show, Alex gets a glimpse into the chaotic and shady world behind the zoo.

As he struggles to balance his work and personal life, Alex is faced with the task of maintaining the show, fulfilling the demands of his boss, and building relationships with the convicted felons that now surround him.

Showcasing the hectic and unscrupulous dealings behind the Tiger King and his zoo, this chilling true story unveils the mystery behind the exotic animal trade and sheds light into a tale that many would prefer to be kept hidden. Filled with thieves, con-artists, drug lords, murderers, trafficking and crackheads, Alex is faced with the seemingly impossible task of staying sane while stuck on the Tiger King’s show.

Welcome to the Tiger King’s Kingdom!

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Just another writer here to tell another story. I also like long walks on the beach and a nice glass of whiskey by the fireplace… But who doesn’t?

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